Meet The Team

Jamie Jolly

Director of Game Development, Co-Founder

Jamie is a lifer when it comes to games. He has a Degree in Games Design and over 10 years experience as a professional Games Designer in the board game and charity sector. He once ran a circus and now has a young family which is basically the same thing. 


Toby O'Hara

Sculptor, Co-Founder

Toby has been a digital sculptor for the last 9 years, sculpting miniatures for various board games including Farsight where he met Jamie. He studied character design and anatomy through Game Character Academy and CGMA. Toby is an avid war gamer with an unhealthy addiction to plastic miniatures and a slightly absurd number of Warhammer 40,000 armies. He lives in Florida with his wife Ann Marie and their English Bulldog Rubeus.

Dongjun Lu.jpg

Dongjun Lu

Art Director


Dongjun is currently working in the film industry as a Concept Artist at Weta Workshop in New Zealand. He has worked on many games in past 6 years including: Game of Thornes- Winter is coming, King of Avalon, Toukiden,  Nobunaga's Ambition 14 and more.


Dongbiao Lu


Dongbiao has Inter-industry experience in animation, games and movies and is good at exploring various styles and concepts. He has served as IGG art director in Singapore and has provided outsourcing services for WETA, Creative Assembly, SEGA and other well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. The games, movies and animation projects include: Glory of the King, Warhammer 2, King of Avalon: Battle of the Dragon, Three Kingdoms 13, Monkey King Biography and more.


Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

Utku has been working in the industry since 2006. He started taking various commissions from around the world, mostly related to video games and board games but also include various publications, book covers, posters and others.


Francesca Baerald

Francesca is a Cartographer and Illustrator from Italy working in the game industry for companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop, Square Enix and Paizo.

In her studio she happily creates worlds, paints illustrations and imagines new ways to build dungeons as deadly as possible.

When she is not busy with artsy stuff, she enjoys finding inspiration in her garden or hiking in the mountains, playing her piano and electric guitar or wine-tasting around Europe.

She loves pizza and various painters with fancy names (but she is not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).

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Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Lead Writer


Aaron is a New York Times Best Selling author and writer and Games Workshop. He has worked on many great titles and oozes Grim Dark...honestly...its disgusting...

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Paul Destefano



Paul is a singular individual, not many can claim the title of both veteran board games writer and blacksmith but he can. He has done work with Adiken, Wizkids, Hasbro, Cambridge Games and many others, including Lord Of The Rings and Star Trek products. Coming from the deep geek he is steeped in great tales and a lot of soot. 

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Mike Fletcher


Once voted the number one most Grim Dark Grim Dark Writer Mike is the author of several published books and many other works including Beyond Redemption and Swarm and Steel

Utku Ozden

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Corey Coffman

Corey was born and raised in Indianapolis but currently calls Florida home. He was recruited for a Supply Chain Management Position in 2017 and fell in love with the weather. He has worked in Manufacturing and Supply Chain for nearly 20 years and was brought onto the Shadowborne Team to help with sourcing and vendor management.

He has a lifelong gamer and has owned over 80 vehicles!


Stacey Saich

Android and iOS Developer

Stacey Saich is working toward her Masters in Data Science; while currently holding a Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development, a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design and Electronic Journalism, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Communications, and an Emergency Medical Technician Certificate. She is Irish and Sault Tribe. Besides Software Developer and Lifelong Student, she has worn many hats, including- Computer Technician, English/Special Education Teacher, Head Emergency Dispatcher, Web and Graphic Designer, Assistant to the VP of a Medical Software Company, Barista Trainer, and Amusement Park Ride Operator. She always loses the game- Never Ever Have I.


Robin Sansom

Frontend Web Developer

Based in UK, Robin is an experienced freelance website designer specialising in frontend development and content management systems. He is also an artist and photographer and looks forward to new battles with Jamie's handcrafted foam sabres.

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James Messink

Engineer and Mould Design

He has worked in Senior Engineering positions for many years. What James doesn't know about machines isn't worth knowing. 


Concept Artist

Vladimir has a passion for drawing knights and other medieval malarkey. He currently lives in Ukraine and with his wife and pencils.

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Dean Reynolds

Spreadsheet Programer

Spreadsheet are Deans passion and when the mood takes him he can make them sing. He curates our large database of information that allow iteration of game testing. He also does a mean rage against the machine cover.

Vladimir Buchyk


Peter Kuhn

Our man in Germany, Peter is a life long gamer and fantastic business consultant who is supporting us with his wealth of knowledge as we grow.