Welcome to the Deepwood - June 2019

Welcome to the Deepwood - June 2019

Pot's peace to you, Oathsworn - For 2 years we have been tinkering in the shadows and at last something exciting is emerging form those inky depths. Each month this newsletter will be the best place to keep up to date with news, reviews and interviews as well as special behind-the-scenes lore only you, Oathsworn, will see. Let's dive into the Deepwood...


Prize Draw #1


For you brave few who grip the wire road with us from the first, we want to give something back. For our inaugural newsletter we are giving away a copy of Oathsworn:Into the Deepwood including all stretch goals.

Everyone receiving this email will be in the draw. Come back next month to find if you won.


Rolling the Bones


Rolling the Bones is the place you'll find information on the game mechanics that make up Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood. In this issue we're looking at combat and, more specifically, combat resolution. 


In Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood, we have a 'play your way' system that lets you choose whether to resolve combat with dice or cards. Dice are more epic and tragic, while cards play by the numbers. Either option is open and any player can choose between dice or cards for each attack, even mixing within a single attack.


The combat system itself is a 'push-your-luck', 'exploding' system. The 'push-your-luck' part means that you choose how many dice you roll or cards you draw (called rolling from now on for ease). However, if you ever roll 2 or more blanks, the whole attack misses (there are 2 blanks on each D6). The damage is there for the taking if only you can land the blow...Thankfully there are mechanics in place to help you mitigate those missed attacks such as re-roll tokens. A push-your-luck system like this really allows you to feel like you're in the action, gripping the haft of your weapon and judging the moment to strike. Each attack is a choice not just a number. 


The 'exploding' part of the system concerns critical hits. On the dice above you will see the crit symbol surrounding some of the numbers. When you roll a crit, the dice explodes and another dice pops out that can be rolled for free (this new one ignores any misses as it is an extension of the crit dice). If that new dice crits another dice pops out and so on and so on allowing truly epic attacks that can lop off monstrous limbs in a single swing, should the fates be with you...


Free Company Corner


Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood has an array of characters that can form a Free Company. Each character is thoroughly unique with their own ability decks and special attributes. Each month we are going to look a little closer at these individuals, starting with...


The Scar Tribe Exile


The Scar Tribe Exile is a brutal melee combatant and his special ability 'Unbound Rage' allows him to gain Animus (action points) with each critical hit he rolls. This means the Exile finds benefit in rolling more and more dice, riding the line between control and ferocity. He is at his best 'pushing his luck' to seek out the crits that will give him another attack, then another and another....


Community Coverage


We've had a whole raft of coverage this month with UK Games Expo and the first reveal of the game. If you haven't seen these check them out.

Man vs Meeple - First Look


King of Average - Details Video


Roll for Crit - Details Video


Beast of War - Interview on the Weekender


Beast of War - Interview at UKGE



Conventions - UK Games Expo


It was great to meet some of you at the Expo last week. Our condolences to all those that didn't survive their very brief brush with the Broodmother and for those of you who did she's just the start of your worries.

The next time Oathsworn will be able to be played in the flesh (as it were) will be at Gridcon in July https://gridcon.co.uk/ and then GenCon in August https://www.gencon.com/


Fableman's Tales


In an ale-soaked tavern in the fortress city of Bastone, Fableman Tarren is telling fables for a fleck of iron. If you have any questions on life in the Deepwood, go buy him a round and you might find what you're looking for. Just don't ask him to sing...




There's so much more to talk about, but I don't want to bend your ear too long. We'll see you again next month. For now keep one hand on the wire road and one on your sword.

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