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Find what awaits you in the shadows...

We believe story and setting are just as important as game mechanics, artwork and miniatures design. Having a universe filled with huge story arcs, amazing characters and unique worlds provides the most interesting and enjoyable gaming environment. Through a commitment to making novels, novellas and short stories, we'll bring these worlds to life and give you a reason to care about the events and heroes you encounter in our games. Most importantly, we'll give you enough space to carve out your own story, create your own characters and make our universe your new home.


Whether you want to create your own adventures or follow the paths we've set before you, our Table Top Role Playing Games offer an amazing playing experience for everyone from the seasoned gamer to newcomers of the TTRPG experience.


We are passionate about plastic and decades of experience are going into our miniature line as professionals from all around the world are coming together to create something special for you.

          Table Top
          Skirmish Games


Fast combat, engaging mechanics and epic battles all supported by our amazing line of miniatures and our ever-evolving story line. A single core rule set will allow you to pickup and play any of our games and allow you to pit miniatures from one game against another in grand conflict


Who doesn't love Dungeon crawlers? We're planning a series of stand-alone, self-contained board games that accommodate both solo and co-op play and which delve into the rich lore of a brand new fantasy world furthered by our novels and short stories.


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